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About Us

First of all it gives us great pleasure that you came to this page and starting reading this text, it gives us a great feeling of gratitude that you did! So thank you ! 

So you know more about us lets start by saying - was created by a mix of tech and business nerds to bring you the best products at the best prices.  We're still new and growing!!!
Many of our products are brought to you directly from manufactures in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America and we're constantly looking for better products regardless of where they're made.
If you're reading this and want to sell your products on our platform please let us know !!!!! We would love to hear from you.
 While  we get you great prices and products and work on the lowest margins, we can't always get you next day shipping delivery (we will, however get products to you as quick as we can!)
Our customer promise is this  - we will strive to offer the best in service and support, i.e when you aren't happy with the quality of a product, send it back and we'll refund or replace the item with minimum fuss! 
Thank you for reading this, and we hope you use our services 
Happy shopping Rockstars !